As a certified customs broker we act as a direct and indirect representative.

Customs formalities

As a certified customs broker we carry out:

  • Customs import formalities
    • IM-A document
    • IM4 document
  • Export customs formalities
    • EX-A document
    • CO-A document
  • Transit documents
    • T1 document
    • T2 document

Direct and indirect customs representation

We act as a customs representative for our international customers and we submit customs declarations to the Dutch Customs Agency. We represent our customers in two ways:

Direct representative

In case we act as a direct representative we act in name and on behalf of our customer. This means that we are legally responsible for all customs and tax obligations related to the goods or services being imported or exported.

Indirect representative

In case we act as an indirect representative we act in our name but on behalf of our customer. We do this in case the customer is located outside the European Union, for example in European countries as Switzerland and the United Kingdom, or in non-European countries.

Dutch Customs Management System

In June 2023, we switched to the new Dutch Customs Management System (DCMS) to carry out customs import and export declarations. The DCMS is a web-based system that provides a single point of entry for all customs declarations. We use the NCTS system to issue transit documents. The NCTS is an electronic system that allows us to track the movement of goods in transit through the EU.

Full-service customs expert

In addition to our standard customs broker activities, we also act as a full-service customs expert. We support our customers with below services:

  • Request of export documents (Dutch Chamber of Commerce): certificate of origin, EUR.1 document, ATR-certificate, legalizations, ATA-carnet, Letter of Credit, temporary export clearance, re-export;

  • Request other import documents: Fiscal clearance, T2L, T2L(F), temporary import clearance, re-import one-time permits for destruction;

  • Goods classification: defining of HS codes, BTI (binding tariff information);

  • Customs value: defining customs value with the Incoterms (delivery terms);

  • Origin documents: defining country of origin, preferential origin, non-preferential origin;

  • Defining import duties, anti-dump duties, tariff preferences, tariff quotas, additional duties;

  • Taxes, excise duties, VAT, VAT reverse charge mechanism;

  • Documents Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority: veterinary and/or phytosanitary measures, health certificates, CE marking;

  • Storage in bonded warehouse;

  • Assistance with physical customs checks, documentary customs checks, destruction of cargo, special customs arrangements;

  • General Customs consultancy.

Customs document request

If you would like to have customs documents prepared by a customs agent, we would be happy to help you. Please indicate in the form below which document we can help you with. We will get back to you as soon as possible and inform you of the rate.

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